Top 10 Deep Purple Fan Facts

Top 10 Deep Purple Fan Facts

1Smoke On The Water is actually a true story based on how a Swiss casino burnt down during a Frank Zapper and Mothers of Intervention concert. The band watched it burn down from their hotel room.

2 Of the five original founding members of Deep purple, only three; Ian Paice, Ritchie Blackmore and John Lord stayed on the band for the first year. The other two Rod Evans and Nick Simper were both dismissed and quickly replaced.

3 Deep purple was one the holder of the Guinness world records loudest band at 117 decibels. They have since been beaten by AC/DC, Rolling stones and KISS.

4 Despite Smoke On The Water being incredibly successful the band had never expected it to be a hit and thus didn’t release it as a single until almost a year after its release in the album machine head.

5 Steven Morse, the lead guitarist of the band, oddly enough went to Miami University to study classical and jazz guitar. You can look forward to him playing at the opening of Deep purple’s performance!

6 In 1973 Deep purple’s best selling single ‘smoke on the water’ sold over 500,000 copies USA alone. It is their most popular song to date; the rolling stones listed it as the 426th best song in their list of 500 best songs.


7 Since their formation in 1968, the band has had 14 members; though it has only had five ant any given time. It has also changed from a progressive rock band into a heavy metal band.

8 In the time since their founding deep purple have released of eighteen studio albums, thirty-four live albums, twenty compilation albums, as well as fourteen videos

9 Deep Purple were formed in Hertfordshire, UK during 1968. At which point they broke up in 1976, before reforming again in 1984.

10 At the current time Ian Paice the band drummer is the only founding member of deep purple still on the band.




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