01 April 2006 Bob Dylan was at Reno Events Center – Reno


Review by James Strohecker
There were a few re-arranged clunkers in the show. And Highway 61 was one.
It didn’t work. Bob has created a new arrangement based on the rhythm guitar and
not the lead. As a result the song sounded more downbeat, bluesy and flat. Not
wild, or upbeat ‘ “OUT ON HIGHWAY 61!!!!” like you’d expect. During the song,
Bob was pointing to Stu a couple times to crank it up – but to no avail. The band
didn’t get it. It was an interesting arrangement but it didn’t work on the crowd in
Reno. People wondered, “Was that the same song that I’ve heard before?” Well . . .
yes and no. Clearly, this is one song that needs refinement for the tour.

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