Bob Dylan & Julian Beck

Bob Dylan & Julian Beck

Bob Dylan & Julian Beck (The actor-director, poet, painter, (co-founder of “The Living Theater”) , Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York City, May 9th, 1974
Julian Beck, Judith Malina – The Living Theatre May 17, 1975
video clip of the only existing videotape of Julian Beck, Judith Malina and the Living Theatre performing “Turning the Earth – A Legacy of Cain” which I videotaped on May 17, 1975 using a B&W open reel Sony PortaPack on Pittsburgh’s Northside

Bob Dylan & Julian Beck


“Hootenanny” magazine,
Dec 1963:

“An Doc Watson‘s walkin
Ray Charles’s shoutin an speakin
Bertrand Russell’s yellin from across the ocean
an Julian Beck’s tellin the same on this side a the sea —
Jim Foreman is livin an Ross Barnett’s losin —
Harry Jackson‘s paintin —
Maybelle Carter‘s really standin an really strummin
an Mike Seeger‘s really real
An Pete Seeger‘s really
Pete Seeger —
An Joan Baez is still unshattered
An Marlon Brando’s on the good side —
An the time’s a rollin down every single street —
There’s a girl waitin on every single corner —
An men’re still breathin
An it’s all music…



[“Turned at door to say good -bye to Julian Beck, Medical Arts Center West 57th street Manhattan, October 1984 wife actress Judith Malina and trouper Hanon of their Living Theater by his bed. Cancer of abdominal wall, yet he rose for another year of stage works, grave in Zurich to declaim the latter’s statement of the state as jail of human spirit, smoke a joint and break the laws of death.” (Ginsberg caption.) photo c Allen Ginsberg Estate]


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