Bob Dylan Old Newspaper Clippings (Part -1)

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Bob Dylan Old Newspaper Clippings (Part -1)

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source 2 (NweYork Times)

New York Times 

Robert Shelton 


For Christmas don’t buy her a drum, get her a harmonica. However, in 1961 a noted but virtually unknown virtuoso on the pesky instrument was already warning that playing one ain’t all that easy. The girls back at Bonnie Beecher’s sorority house would have questioned the “virtuoso” rating for the quoted Mr. Dylan. Instead, they’d quickly vouch for how difficult it was for him to play when he tried to make sounds like a freight train but out came terrible squawking noises. Informal playing tips from Tony Glover seemed to be more helpful than anything.


Dylan didn’t go to Finland (not until 1987).
Then, who did go to Finland & the very large commie youth festival in July-August 1962?

I know it now: Jerry Silverman, Archie Shepp and Perry Robinson went to Finland, tells Mr. Joni Krekola in his book (page 152-153).
Silverman is an American folksinger, guitar teacher and author of music books & (note!) the editor at Sing Out! A Folk Music Magazine (with Seeger).



Saturday 23 November 1963. Would you have chosen to go to the Dylan?





Off-the-cuff interview with Bob Dylan. Brown Daily Herald, Tuesday 28 April 1964.

Full newspaper page here:

Memorable quotations include:

“The blues is a pair of pants without any pockets… The blues is a pair of torn pants without anything in the pockets… Blues is a color. That’s all.”


“I’m not a folk singer any more than anybody is.” And then as he climbed into the car, he hollered out, much to the delight of some three or four dozen fans, “Folk singers are communists.”


“I try to think about my own life. The things that count in my own life. Important things, like my head. I worry about my head. Not the commercialization of folk music.”




“Folk singers don’t eat enough mushrooms… I think that unless they get on the mushrooms they’re all going to waste. They’re all going to turn into Harry Belafontes.”



Dylan kicks off Spring Weekend at Brown University – Friday, Apr 24, 1964.


Melody Maker 

Beatles say — Dylan shows the way / Ray Coleman

page 3 



Melody Maker 


Goddard Liberson, president of Columbia, invited Bob Dylan to dinner in July 1963 at the Hotel Americana in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

“If you can’t find a place to eat where I don’t have to wear a tie, I’m not interested in going.” — Bob Dylan 

Shelton, Robert. No Direction Home: The life and music of Bob Dylan. New York: Morrow, 1986. 9780688050450 
[many reprints and publishers] 
Cambridge: Da Capo, 2003. 
London: Omnibus Press, 2011. 
pages 130-131.

Sydney Australia April 1966


San Francisco Chronicle 1966 

Background photograph: arrival in Paris in 1966.

“In 1967, MGM Records was interested in signing Bob Dylan to their label, enticing him with unfinished writings by Hank Williams, according to Bob Spitz in his book, Dylan – A Biography. Dylan ended up staying with Columbia Records, so the project was abandoned. The idea of completing Williams’ writings eventually led to the upcoming Lost Notebooks release, a mere 44 years later.” 

Jornal da Tarde 




Gypsy Fire a.k.a. Emelia Caruana

Sydney Morning Herald


Gypsy Fire

"On 8 August 1986, the plaintiff brought proceedings in the name of
"Gypsy Fire" (her real name seems to be Emelia Caruana) claiming damages
from the defendent for the publication by it of an article in the
"Weekend Truth" newspaper in July of that year. The article is entitled:
        FIRE...starved herself of sex."
read more at 


Brixton 29, 30, 31 March 1995





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  1. ” Saturday 23 November 1963. Would you have chosen to go to the Dylan? ”

    Fr the record that was the day AFTER JFK was shot and nobody went anywhere, I think.

    ( The ad itself was presumably made BEFORE the shooting. )

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