Bob Dylan’s Early Photographs – Hibbing (Betweeen 1941-1959)

Bob Zimmerman, Camp Herzl, 1957.
Bob Zimmerman, Camp Herzl, 1957.


Marie Munter (Johnson) and her daughter, Jean Pryor and her son Dennis and Beatty Zimmerman (Stone) and her son Bob, Hibbing, 1944. Though living in Duluth Beatty had come back to Hibbing to visit her school friends.

Now the fifth daughter on the twelfth night
Told the first father that things weren’t right
My complexion she said is much too white
He said come here and step into the light he says hmm you’re right
Let me tell the second mother this has been done
But the second mother was with the seventh son
And they were both out on Highway 61.

Some Sunday Morning, Accentuate The Positive.

May 12, 1946 – Mother’s Day Celebration – Duluth, MN
He stamped his foot and commanded attention. Bobby said, ‘If everybody in this room will keep quiet, I will sing for my grandmother.”

June 9, 1946 – Aunt Irene’s Wedding Reception – Covenant Club, Duluth, MN
Bob’s first paid performance. An uncle said, proferring a handful of bills, “You’ve got to sing.” He refused. The pleading increased, although the fee remained the same. “So he sang,” his mother said, but not until he had announced: ‘If it’s quiet, I will sing.’” … Everyone was quiet as Bob’s two-song repertoire was repeated. Again the audience cheered, and Bobby walked over to his uncle and took the twenty-five dollars. He approached his mother with his first gate receipts. “Mummy,” he told her, “I’m going to give the money back.” He returned to his uncle and handed him the money. He nearly upstaged the bridal couple.


2-Bob Zimmerman in grade one at Alice School.

Bob Zimmerman in grade one at Alice School.

3- 1951- Racing Clinic for Hibbing Junior Chamber of Commerce

(circa) 1951? Racing Clinic for Hibbing Junior Chamber of Commerce

Prospective soapbox derby racer, Robert Zimmerman (2nd on right) wearing a billed-cap, lays hands on a steering wheel for his derby car. Did the racer get built? Did he race it? Is this the earliest known photograph of Bob in a hat?

4-Bob Zimmerman 1952

Bob Zimmerman 1952


5- Bob Zimmerman, 12 years old, 6th grade, Washington School, 1953.

Bob Zimmerman, 12 years old, 6th grade, Washington School, 1953.

Or is it? Bob Zimmerman had Kindergarten in Duluth at the Nettleton Elementary School— 108 East 6th Street, Duluth, MN 55805 (1st Avenue East and Sixth Street). Then in Hibbing he attended Grade 1 at the Alice School and then Grade 2-12 at Hibbing High School. So the published sources which say this is Washington School are wrong.

Unusually Hibbing High School had Kindergarten to Grade 12 classes. The graduating class of 1962 was the last to have people attend all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12. So from 1950 it was being phased out. — Sue Kanga Chaffee

Usually people called the school Hibbing High School for all grades, occasionally it was called Hibbing High Junior High [sic] and in conversation The Junior High.

Miss John’s 5th Grade Class 1952-1953:
Back row: Nancy Annes, David Rian, Bonnie Marinac, Shirley Zubich, Bill Marinac, Peggy Teske, Judy Hennessey
Front row: Griffith Thomas, Bob Zimmerman

The class was split up into three parts and made, decorated and played their rhythm objects. Circulating tapes? wink ifade simgesi

6-Bob Zimmerman and Judy Rubin at Camp Herzl, 1954.

Bob Zimmerman and Judy Rubin at Camp Herzl, 1954.

In its first brochure, Herzl Camp’s aim was “to bring a child closer to Jewish life and the Jewish people… to prepare the child to absorb the content and values of modern Palestine… to enlist the child’s interest and help in building of the Jewish national homeland.” In its first year, camp sessions were offered for children ages 12 and above. From the beginning, athletics, waterfront activities, recreation, music, dancing, cultural and creative events were all components of the Herzl experience.

The site on Devil’s Lake in Webster, Wisconsin had The Log Cabin Inn, ironically a “gentiles only” establishment, which became the home of Herzl Camp. The farmhouse was converted into a dining hall and kitchen. One of the larger fishing cabins became an activities building and a minimum of additional plumbing was added to make the site accessible to campers.

368 miles southeast of Hibbing almost as far as Madison, Wisconsin.

“Once there was Judy And she said Hi to me When no one else Could take the Time…But she broke me Up When she didn’t Write back and I died for a year – Seela And then there was Ione Who wore a Ring on her Left hand…my mind went Insane Every time I saw her – Seela Then there was Carol Who had tits Like headlights On a fire engine And a face like Helen … she’d rape my feelings … Then there was Barbara Her parents liked me And I liked them But I loved Barbara more…Then came another Judy She had a long Pony Tail And wanted Some day To be an Actress … Now there’s Judy again And my Circe starts Over … I don’t fit in anymore I’m Lost And my trouble is I know it”

Interesting that our hero, rebel rude boy, is the only one with a white shirt that does not conform to the camp rules…

7-Bob Zimmerman 1955

Bob Zimmerman 1955.


8-Bob Zimmerman, Camp Herzl, 1956.

Bob Zimmerman, Camp Herzl, 1956.Herzl Camp‘ta.


9-Bob Zimmerman, Camp Herzl, 1956.

Bob Zimmerman, Camp Herzl, 1956.Herzl Camp‘ta.


10-Bob Zimmerman 1956.

Bob Zimmerman 1956.Hibbing‘de.


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