July 27, 1972 Bob Dylan With Rolling Stones Madison Square

Bob Dylan. July 27, 1972. (Photo by Vernon Shibla/New York Post Archives) STONED … 1972 Tour closing down after Madison Square garden Concert, NYC … Keef RiffHard, HisBRENDA, His Bobness . … Arthur Rosato:
The first time I saw Bob was when I was working with The Rolling Stones in ’72. We were in New York at the end of the tour. We had an after show party… and Bob was there. He came in his red plaid shirt and Chip [Monck], who was a good friend of his, introduced us.
I think the Stones tour had a big influence on him.
That was the biggest thing going at the time. Bob’s a major rock & roll fan;
he loves the Stones thing,
and he takes in everything. It was right after that we started working on Planet Waves. He came out of retirement. — with Keith RichardsMick Jaggerand Bob Dylan at The St. Regis New York.
Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger
same day Bob Dylan with Muddy waters 


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