23 Amazing David Gilmour Facts – Legend of Pink Floyd

1- David Jon Gilmour Worked as a model before joining Pink Floyd.

2- David Gilmour owns more than 100 guitars.

3- He was voted number 36 in the greatest voices in rock by Planet Rock listeners in 2009.

4- Appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2003 for his services to music, Gilmour is actively involved in philanthropy. That year, he sold his home in West London and donated the proceeds—more than $5.5 million—to Crisis, a nonprofit organization that works to provide services to the homeless.

5- David Gilmour Acquired his first guitar at age 13, when a neighbor lent him his. He never returned it.

6- David Gilmour Inducted with Pink Floyd in 1996 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

7- While not playing music, Gilmour often takes to the skies. He is a pilot and, for a time, collected antique aircraft auspices of his company, Intrepid Aviation. He has since sold the company, but kept a biplane for his personal use.

8- In 2005, he was named Commander in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his accomplishments in the arts.

9- Gilmour Lists “Wish You Were Here” as his favourite Pink Floyd album and “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” as his favourite Pink Floyd song.


10- He Met Syd Barrett, a founding member of Pink Floyd, during childhood in Cambridge .

11- Rolling Stone ranked him #11 on their 2011 list of Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

12- He’s donated millions of dollars to fight homelessness, and has also contributed to such causes as mental health, cancer research, and the environment. 

13- He has an insane passion for flying. Not only did he learn how to fly, he made Richard Wright and Nick Mason take flying classes too. He also owns a museum of planes in England, named “Intrepid Aviation”. He has even written a song in a Pink Floyd album about it called “Learning To Fly”.

14- He Released his first solo album, David Gilmour, in 1978. 

15- Gilmour has taken part in projects related to issues including animal rights, environmentalism, homelessness, poverty, and human rights. 

16- David Gilmour essentially replaced enigmatic singer/songwriter Syd Barrett when he joined Pink Floyd at the end of 1967. However there were no hard feelings between the 2 musicians. In actual fact, David Gilmour went on to co-produce Barrett’s album ‘The Madcap Laughs’ (1970). David’s contributions to Barrett’s debut included reworking the album’s single ‘Octopus.’

17- David Gilmour  Learned to play saxophone in his mid-50s after his son Charlie expressed an interest in the instrument; they took lessons from the same teacher. 

18- He borrowed his first guitar from a neighbor when he was 14 and never returned it. In an interview from 2008 he said that he still has that guitar.

19- In a 2006 interview, Gilmour said his favorite Pink Floyd album is “Wish You Were Here” and favorite song is “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

20- David Jon Gilmour, the first child of Douglas and Sylvia Gilmour, was born on March 6, 1946, in Cambridge, England. He went to school with Syd Barrett and knew Roger Waters, who went to a school nearby. As a teenager, Gilmour learned to play the guitar, and from 1962 to ’66, he played in a band called Joker’s Wild. After he left the band, he traveled around Europe as a busker for a year. He barely made enough to live, however, and was hospitalized for malnutrition.
21- Gilmour speaks four languages —French, German, Italian and English.
22- Prior to joining Pink Floyd, David GIlmour performed in just a few groups that went nowhere – on the charts, at least. In 1967, he toured Europe with a band known as Bullitt, who had nothing however bad luck. Audiences did not enjoy their covers of current hits and club owners stiffed them after sets. When the group returned to London, they were so poor that they had to push their van off the ferry as a result of they could not afford gas.

23- Pink Floyd songs on which David Gilmour played bass.

  1. Fat Old Sun
  2. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
  3. Sheep
  4. Hey You
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