Best 15 Blue Oyster Cult Love Songs

Best 15 Blue Oyster Cult Love Songs

Top Blue Oyster Cult Love Songs Voted by Fans


1- Blue Oyster Cult: Light Years of Love

Our love is like the shining sea
In salty foam we can feel so free
Caress the night with our cool skin
In your arms I can be everything

2- Blue Oyster Cult – “In Thee”

3- Blue Oyster Cult: I Love The Night

She said I love the night
The day is OK and the sun can be fun
But I live to see those rays slip away
I love the night
There’s so much that I can show and give to you
If you will welcome me tonight
If only you had been there my dear
We could have shared this together

4- Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin’ For You

5- Blue Oyster Cult: Goin’ Through the Motions

6- Blue Oyster Cult: She’s as Beautiful as a Foot

She’s as beautiful, oh so beautiful, beautiful as a foot
She heard someone say, the other day

7- Blue Oyster Cult: Eyes On Fire

8- Blue Oyster Cult: Nosferatu

9- Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy

10- Blue Oyster Cult: Fireworks

She went down to escape from her prison
To free herself from her fears
All those years up to here with tradition
And opportunity so near

11- Blue Oyster Cult – Shooting Shark

12- Blue Oyster Cult: Perfect Water

13- Blue Oyster Cult: Debbie Denise

14- Blue Oyster Cult: Sinful Love

15- Blue Oyster Cult: Here Comes That Feeling


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