Best 15 Blue Oyster Cult Love Songs

Best 15 Blue Oyster Cult Love Songs

Top Blue Oyster Cult Love Songs Voted by Fans


1- Blue Oyster Cult: Light Years of Love

Our love is like the shining sea
In salty foam we can feel so free
Caress the night with our cool skin
In your arms I can be everything

2- Blue Oyster Cult – “In Thee”

3- Blue Oyster Cult: I Love The Night

She said I love the night
The day is OK and the sun can be fun
But I live to see those rays slip away
I love the night
There’s so much that I can show and give to you
If you will welcome me tonight
If only you had been there my dear
We could have shared this together

4- Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin’ For You

5- Blue Oyster Cult: Goin’ Through the Motions

6- Blue Oyster Cult: She’s as Beautiful as a Foot

She’s as beautiful, oh so beautiful, beautiful as a foot
She heard someone say, the other day

7- Blue Oyster Cult: Eyes On Fire

8- Blue Oyster Cult: Nosferatu

9- Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy

10- Blue Oyster Cult: Fireworks

She went down to escape from her prison
To free herself from her fears
All those years up to here with tradition
And opportunity so near

11- Blue Oyster Cult – Shooting Shark

12- Blue Oyster Cult: Perfect Water

13- Blue Oyster Cult: Debbie Denise

14- Blue Oyster Cult: Sinful Love

15- Blue Oyster Cult: Here Comes That Feeling


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  1. Wow. Never mind that “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is missing, but “Cities On Flame (With Rock and Roll),” “Flaming Telepaths,” “Hot Rails to Hell,” “E.T.I.,” “Dominance and Submission,” “Then Came the Last Days of May,” “Veteran of the Psychic Wars,” and “The Red and the Black” are all better than just about everything on your list.

  2. “VOTED BY FANS”… !!!????

    What vote was this?? And what fecking fans were these? Clearly both of the “fans” who voted had no concept of what constitutes a love song… Some of these choices are just plain asinine in that regard…

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