Best 29 David Bowie Love Songs

Here Below Top 29 David Bowie Love Songs Voted by Fans

29- David Bowie – The Wedding Song

Of all the saints alive
Don’t I feel like a saint alive
She’s not mine for eternity
Though I’ll never fly so high
I’m smilingI believe in magic
Angel for life

28- David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday

27- David Bowie – An Occasional Dream

And we’d sleep, oh so close
But not really close our eyes
‘Tween the sheets of summer
bathed in blue…
Gently weeping nights
It was long, long ago
And I can’t touch your name

26- David Bowie – Sorrow

25- Changes

24- Loving the Alien

And your prayers they break the sky in two
(Believing the strangest things, loving the alien)


23- David Bowie – Letter to Hermione

He’s strong for you
And when you kiss
It’s something new
But did you ever call my name
Just by mistake?
I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do
So I’ll just write some love to you

22- Soul Love

Love is careless in its choosing
Sweeping over cross a baby
Love descends on those defenceless
Idiot love will spark the fusion
Inspirations have I none
Just to touch the flaming dove
All I have is my love of love
And love is not loving

21- David Bowie – Drive-in Saturday


20- Be My Wife – David Bowie

Sometimes you get so lonely
Sometimes you get nowhere
I’ve lived all over the world
I’ve left every place

Please be mine
Share my life
Stay with me
Be my wife

19- Kooks

18- David Bowie – We are the dead

17- David Bowie Can You Hear Me

Can you hear me?
Can you feel me inside?
Show your love, love
Take it in right (take it in right)

16- David Bowie – Moonage Daydream

15- David Bowie `In The Heat Of The Morning´

No man loved like I love you
Wouldn’t you like to love me too
In the heat of the morning
In the shadow I’ll clip your wings
And I’ll tell you I love you
In the heat of the morning



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