Bob Dylan – I Can’t Leave Her Behind (Version A and B)

Bob Dylan - I Can't Leave Her Behind (Ver B)
Bob Dylan - I Can't Leave Her Behind (Ver B)



Where she leads me I do not know
Well, she leads me where she goes
I can’t find her nowhere

Well, she needs me here
All aware I can’t hear her walk
I just cannot hear her talk
Though sometimes, you know you will

And when she comes my way
I’ll just be left any night or day
I will hear her say

That I don’t wanna try
I tried, also cried
But I can’t leave her behind




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  1. magic in a few words, the way he let’s the words roll into the next line, demolishing the structure almost, but instead creating a fine webbed melody… speechles he said he was when receiving the Nobel, yet when he opens his mouth…

  2. There are 2 songs above. However, the first song you have labelled as “I can’t leave her behind Ver A” is actually called “On A Rainy Afternoon.”
    The 2nd song that you have labelled “I can’t leave her behind Ver B” is actually the true song called “I Can’t Leave Her Behind.” This is quite rare and it was copyrighted and published by Dylan – and filmed as part of this Eat The Document Film they worked on – but the song was never released. I Can’t Leave Her Behind is a song about Edie Sedgwick – Dylan is saying that he just can’t leave HIS WIFE behind (despite being tempted.) x

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