Buck Owens Gives his famous red,white and blue guitar to Bob Dylan – 11 March 2005

Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, and Buck Owens in Portland

11 March 2005,

Before the show Buck Owens comes on Merle’s bus.  They talk about old friends, the biz, 
and Merle sings him a couple new songs he is working on.  One he started writing the 
other night during the first shows in Seattle.  You can see the great friendship between 
these two great legends.  They talk about Jimmie Rodgers.

Later Buck says, “Let’s go see Dylan.”  The small group with Merle and Buck head back 
to the backstage room where Dylan is with his band.  I walk in right behind the two 
country Icons…it was a great look of pleasure and surprise that was on Dylan’s face when 
he saw Haggard and Owens standing just in the door and side by side.  Hawerd the feelings 
of some wild west old time movie with flashes to the future and back again.  Buck has 
taken Dylan one of his famous red, white and blue guitars to give to him.  You can feel 
the magic in the room with these three legends.  Interesting to me that Dylan is doing a 

Merle Haggard and a Buck Owens song in his show…musical synergy.

picture by Karen Rotan

The Buck Owens signature Tele was manufactured in 1998 and discontinued in 1999. It was a Limited Edition Run as only 250 examples were made.
This guitar sported a solid basswood body, a pair of Texas Special single-coils, 4-way switching, gold hardware, brasss pickguard and a maple neck
with rosewood fingerboard and 21 vintage frets.


Merle plays Buck Owens a new song of Kris Kristofferson’s he is doing.

Buck Owens:

I designed it along with Simie Mosely. The idea came to me in 1965 from all the unrest and people burning the American flag.
By 1966 I had designed the entire guitar and put it on the market for people if they wanted one. I also got Don [Rich] to paint his fiddle red,
 white and blue; and Doyle Holly had a red, white and blue bass. It was my way of saying I loved America





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