19 Amazing Creedence Clearwater Facts

1- CCR had five singles in America which peaked at number two

2- The band played their first UK shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April   1970

3- The song “Green River” was originaly titled “Green Tambourine,” but it was changed when (John) Fogerty learned that The Lemon Pipers already had a song by the same name.

4- Their musical style encompassed roots rock, swamp rock,  and blues rock

5- CCR’s album Cosmo’s Factory hit #1 on Billboard 200 on August 22, 1970, and remained there for nine weeks

6- They performed at Woodstock at three in the morning, following the Grateful Dead.

7- The name Creedence Clearwater Revival means nothing as a phrase. The word ‘Creedence’ referred to someone called Credence Newball, who was a friend of Tom Fogerty. ‘Clearwater’ came from a TV commercial for Olympia Beer. And ‘Revival’ was a nod to the fact that the band returned in 1967 after a three year hiatus, due to the aforementioned military commitments. They almost settled for the name Creedence Nuball And The Ruby at one stage.

8- On November 16, 1969, they performed “Fortunate Son” and “Down on the Corner” on The Ed Sullivan Show

9- John Fogerty’s first band was called Johnny Corvette and the Corvettes. He was eight years old at the time, and his band was imaginary.

10-CCR bass player Stu Cook named his twin boys Creedence and Clearwater.

11- Starting in 1968, most of their songs were written, produced, arranged, and sung by John Fogerty.

12- They lost a Battle of the Bands competition once to the Count Five, who later had a hit with “Psychotic Reaction.”

13- They sold millions of records, but never had a #1 hit.

14- Rolling Stone ranked them 82nd on its Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list

15- Lead singer John Fogerty played the lead in the 2003 HBO movie, The Matthew McConaughey Story.

16- CCR were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1993, John Fogerty refused to play onstage with Cook and Clifford

17- When the band performed in Moscow in 1977 before 80,000 fans, they sang all of their songs in Russian.

18- Bruce Springsteen said: “Creedence wasn’t the hippest band in the world, but they were the best.”

19- In an NPR interview, Fogerty objected to what he regarded as a misuse of his music:

Folks will remember Forrest Gump and that was a great movie, but they don’t remember all the really poor movies that Fantasy Records stuck Creedence music into: car commercials, tire commercials. I’m remembering a paint thinner ad at one point, the song “Who’ll Stop the Rain”. Oh, boy. That’s clever, isn’t it?









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