Rock Dreams and Bob Dylan

“Soon his fame spread and he toured, grew rich and was worshipped. Messianic, he needed only point his finger and the temples trembled before him. Now he travelled the world, a potentate, whose person was sacred, whose every word was scripture, and the multitudes flocked to see him, and touch him, and bend to kiss his feet. But these things were not possible, for Zimmerman was no longer reachable. Brooding in grand hotels and limousines, he sat in judgment, or presented parables, but lived behind bullet-proof glass.”

Country Bob

“However even Messiahs must have hobbies and his was his motorbike, which proved to be his downfall. One night he fell off and broke his neck and very nearly died, Thankfully he was spared and in time made his recovery. But in the meantime his tastes had changed and age had made him mellow, so that he no longer played at potentates. Instead. he grew plump and became a Jewish patriarch with six children and a homestead where he sat at the kitchen table, the American dream personified, eating country pie.”

Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and David Bowie sitting round having coffee together…




Promised Lands (Bob Dylan and Golda Meir) / Guy Peellaert.

“Dylan had always dreamed of an ideal Israel, so this image of Chagall-esque hallucination evokes that… Of course we know Israel is far from that ideal, as are the kibbutz of the beginnings. As Dylan is hosted by Golda Meir as part of a state visit, he escapes to his room pretending to be sick and lights up a joint. Seeing him pallid, Meir arrives with a broth like a good Jewish mother. It’s all a bit of a joke about Israel.”

Cohn, Nik, and Guy Peellaert. 20th Century Dreams. London: Secker & Warburg, 1999. 9780436276170





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