Top 22 Suzi Quatro Love Songs

There is 22 Best Suzi Quatro Love Songs below voted by fans

1- Suzi Quatro – Stumblin’ In 

You were so young, ah, and I was so free
I may have been young, but, baby, that’s not what I wanted to be
Well, you were the one
Oh, why was it me?
‘Cause, baby, you show me so many things that I never see
Whatever you need, baby, you’ve got it from me
Our love is alive, and so we begin
Foolishly laying our hearts on the table
Stumblin’ in

2- Make love to me

3- Sometimes love is letting go

4- Suzi Quatro – If you can’t give me love 

Your touch took my breath away
But when you said hello are you ready to go
Well I had just one thing to say
If you can’t give me love honey that ain’t enough
Let me go look for somebody else
And if you can give me feelings with old fashioned meanings

5- She’s in love with you


6- Suzi Quatro — I’ll Walk Through the Fire With You

7- Michael

8- Suzi Quatro” Cat Size “


Makin’ love was something new
You found me so young
And taught me all you knew
But I’m leaving ‘Cos I’m wiser than you
Good luck I hope you realise
What I gave to you
A virgin’s love
A child of trust

10- I need your love

11- Tonight I Could Fall In Love


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